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Information for New Tenants

Information for New Tenants

Tenant Property Application Form

Preparing for reference checks.
Once the terms of an offer are agreed, the tenancy will be subject to successful referencing. A sample of our referencing form is above and can be downloaded by prospective tenants to help them prepare.

You will need to give your consent to your information being shared and checked.  Nothing will be able to be done with your application until you have completed this consent and paid any application fees that apply. We also require proof of identity and proof of current address to comply with all current regulations. This must be provided at the point of submitting an application for it to be considered.

You will need to supply your personal details, employer and previous landlord information and there will also be a credit score to check if you have any issues in your payment history. An application form must be filled in by anyone over the age of 18 who will be living in the property, even if they will be there part time or not paying the rent themselves.

As well as checking your credit file we will contact your employer to confirm your employment details and salary. If you are currently in a probation period, you need to disclose this upfront as it is one of the questions that will be asked of your employer. Your previous landlord will also be contacted to confirm that rent payments have been up to date and the previous property kept in good order.

It is important to tell us about anything that has happened in the past as part of the checking process will be to confirm the information that you have supplied. If you fail to disclose something important and this is subsequently flagged up, it will count against your application and increase the risk of you failing the referencing process. If you have had financial problems in the past or are unable to provide adequate or acceptable references, another option that some landlords and agent will consider is taking more rent up front so please tell us if we are likely to find any issues.

Sometimes we will look to approve applications but only with a guarantor, usually where there may have been payment issues in the past, first time renters or applicants on a low income.

The guarantor will also need to successfully pass a similar referencing process. Multiple tenants are jointly responsible for properties so in the case of a problem the landlord could look to one or all of the tenants to make payment. The same can apply to guarantors and so you should clarify which specific costs the guarantor may be required to cover.



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